Aims & Scope

Hypertension Journal is a peer-reviewed journal which highlights epidemiology, health implications and cardiovascular risk from hypertension in India/South-Asia. Hypertension is much more common than diabetes. It is vastly under diagnosed and poorly treated in India/South-Asia. There are excellent therapeutic options to treat hypertension but the available resources are not fully utilized by doctors therefore neglecting this disorder. The journal will hereby promote the significance of hypertension and the urgent need to bring it under control. The medical community should be educated on hypertension evaluation, diagnosis, workup and management simultaneously bringing up the literature, research, guidelines and scientific advances related to hypertension and its disorders. We are hereby starting a high-quality journal dedicated solely to hypertension and thus promoting the awareness, evaluation and effective management in India/South-Asia. Dr C Venkata S Ram is a world authority on hypertension with lifelong work (research, clinical and publications). This journal will be an official publication under the sponsorship of:
  • 1. The Indian Society of Hypertension
  • 2. The World Hypertension League
  • 3. Current Medical Concepts.

Current Issue (Vol 8, No. 1, Jan-Mar 2022 Issue)